Low energy? Stress? Tired?

low energy stress fatigueMuscle tension, stomach aches, poor digestion, rounded shoulders and a slumped back can be affected by our emotions and vice versa. Physical pain and poor posture can affect how we feel.

If you’re feeling mentally drained or tense, it may well be a direct result of what’s going on within your body. Stress and anxiety affect the body as well as the mind so adjustments to the body can help lift your spirits.

Feeling low, for example, could be the result of a collapsed posture.

The Alexander Technique boosts the quality of your life, mind and soul.

Pain is draining and debilitating.

The Alexander Technique helps us feel better in our body and, as a result, clears our minds and we think and communicate more effectively.

Shallow breathing is another physical symptom that has a tiring effect. When good breathing starts flowing, a quieter calm settles instead.