Posture Problems?

posture problemsGood posture should feel natural, free and comfortable. Posture often deteriorates from childhood because of lifestyle choices, such as hours slumped over a computer.

But, I should emphasise that postural problems include the direct opposite of slumping and that’s ‘hitching’ in a bid to stand up straight. Neither is comfortable and both have an adverse affect on our breathing.

Even in childhood, when we were told to:  ‘Stand up straight’, ‘Pull your shoulders back’,  ‘Chest out, tummy in, chin up’, we weren’t being taught good posture although I’m sure the sentiment was there. But the statements are unhelpful. It’s uncomfortable, if not impossible, to sustain these positions and they restrict free breathing. So not a good start at correcting our posture.
The consequences of that information gap unfortunately live with us: bodies too tight, breathing too restricted, ‘good posture’ basically misunderstood.

There is also a relationship between your head and neck and the way we manage it has major implications for the rest of our body. The Alexander Technique looks at this relationship to ensure that movements we make are poised and smooth from head to toe. The Alexander Technique essentially shows us how we can correct our posture naturally.